Everybody wants to be trendy sometime in their life – no matter if it’s wearing the latest styles or showing off your autographed jersey signed by the most popular sports star today. Of course, not everybody has the opportunity to meet their favorite sports superstar like Michael Jordan, David Beckham or even Tiger Woods so why not wear their gear? Brands such as Nike and Adidas invest so much in sports marketing to advertise their gear and products with athletes so that the market will expand and the demographic will include not only their brand lovers, but also sports fans. People buy products that are endorsed by athletes because they want to represent their favorite athlete, they want to wear the newest trends and if it’s the latest Nike shoe that Lebron James is showing off doing his best trick, it’s definitely going to appeal to fans and become a best-seller. 

When you see athletes endorsing products such as clothing or even food, many people influenced to believe that the product is good or it is the latest fad, especially amongst youngsters. There is a desire in consumers to follow in the footsteps of their idols and role models, and in this case it is the desire to become just like their favorite athletes. When certain brands use athletes to endorse their products, they are looking to gain that extra boost in their sales. Although they have to shovel out a lot of money to actually get their athletes to endorse their products, it ends up paying off in the long run.

In sports sponsorships, using an athlete to endorse a product works well to attract a younger audience. When adults are watching a commercial with an athlete who is selling a Nike running shoe, they will buy the product if they simply like the product, not if the USA gold medalist for the 400m dash is styling the latest pair of Nike running shoes. It all depends on the target market, the product and eventually, it depends on price as well. From numerous case studies, it seems athletes have a greater effect on young adults, children and teenagers than the average celebrity does and many companies are investing in sports marketing to monopolize the market.