Utilizing a ‘Serviced Office’ is an important and smart decision. Serviced offices are also known as managed offices, business centers or executive centers. These offices are completely equipped and managed by a facility management company. The company then leases these fully furnished, ready-to-use offices. Serviced offices are quickly growing and popular in large cities, European and the global market. This industry has had a steady increase despite the global recession. With such popularity, it is important to look at why Serviced Offices are so enticing for small and medium sized businesses.

One of the major perks is the short office lease. Some have leases for as little as 3 months; however the normal lease is between 6 and 12 months. This gives companies the ability to grow as needed without the restriction of limited or too much office space due to long term leases.

Most leases include business services. Services usually cover receptionists, answering services, and secretarial services and curriers. Some even provide IT support. The building also pays for all maintenance and cleaning services.

Start-up and small businesses usually do not have the capital to buy office furniture and equipment. When running a company that requires a lot of customer contact, this can be a very large expense. Customers expect an office to look professional, not cardboard boxes and old couches. Serviced Offices come completely furnished with workstations, bookshelves, chairs, etc. They also have shared meeting, training and conference facilities. Some even have kitchens and common areas and designated parking. Designated parking can be a big bonus in some metropolitan areas.

Equipment is another big expense for new companies. Copiers, fax machines, scanners, audio/video equipment, and other office equipment are usually not within the budget for many companies. However, in a Serviced Office these machines are available for all tenants to share and without paying extra costs for servicing and supplies. The offices are also pre-wired for computer and phone networking. Businesses do not have to pay for hours of wiring in order to start working.

Serviced offices also pay for all utilities, maintenance bills and insurance. Tenants do not pay for gas, electricity, or sanitation. More and more serviced offices are now offering WiFi, Broadband and telephone services for free or a reduced cost.

Business owners may experience initial ‘sticker shock’ when looking at the price of rent for a serviced office. However, in many cases, the rent is one of the only expenses the business will have. No paying for equipment, utilities, or furniture. The greatest benefit to the Serviced Office is the reaction by the tenant’s customers. What better way to make a great impression than to be running an office that is completely together and organized?