Before you choose to get your loved one an online gift card, there are first a couple things to keep in mind. First, look at the games they play and look at what they like to do. This can help you to decide on the card that will suit them the best. For example, an Xbox Live gold card makes the most sense when you have a gamer who plays on an Xbox console. Even if they already have time on their card, many times, they will be grateful for the extra month or two of gaming because they will not have to pay for it themselves.


Why An Xbox Live Subscription?

The advantage of the Xbox Live card is that you have complete access to all the access games. It lets the gaming online commence, but your gaming friend will have access to the games that they love the most. You cannot go wrong with this choice because it has the maximum flexibility.


The Google Play Gift Card

If you want something that is more physical than a subscription, you can also choose to buy your loved one a free Google Play gift card. When you pick a game for your gaming friend, the problem is that you may not know their gaming style. For example, choosing a sports game for someone who hates sports will get you a polite thank you and smile at best, but with one of these cards, they have the option to choose their own game. It is perfect for any occasion, and you can even treat yourself with this method. Along with the games, books, movies, songs and apps can also be bought off this gift card.

Getting the Most Value from a Gift Card

Gift cards have become a popular method of getting people a gift. Especially if someone you know is hard to get a gift for, it takes the burden off you, and it lets them purchase the item that they truly want. What can your loved one do to maximize the potential of a gift card? First, know the difference between a good gift card and a bad gift card. With a gift card that is only backed by a single retailer or restaurant, if that company goes bankrupt, you will be out of luck. That is why some of the bigger names like an iTunes card can be a great option because you have a strong company to back it up.

The gift card market has reached almost $160 in sales annually. Your average shopper spends around $163.16 on gift cards, and that is the highest amount spent in years. People love gift cards, but always be cautious of the expiration date. A gift card will only last for five years after it has been issued, and money that is later added to it will be good for five years. However, you do not want to lose sight of the expiration date, or it could lead to disappointment down the road.