Your trip to England’s capital won’t be perfect sans this list of visitor-flocked attractions. Tick these top eight views off your list for a personal glimpse and be one of the millions enjoying their London tour.


  1. The British Museum
    A hub of historic man-made works since the prehistoric era, this famous landmark highlights the more than two million years of our antiquity. Enjoy the treasures and sights of the world’s cultures and evolution like the Egyptian mummies and Rosetta Stone. An estimate of six million people never misses to drop by this popular heritage on a yearly basis. Entrance is absolutely free for all ages, though special exhibitions require charges. A donation however, is highly recommended.


  1. The National Gallery

    If you want to discover works of acclaimed artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt for free, this is the right place for you! The National Gallery is a haven to over 2,000 paintings from the past (as early as the Middle Ages) until the 20th century. These artwork collections are of public ownership, with audio guides translated in various languages. There are also fun family activities which you can join for free.


  1. Natural History Museum
    Another free and fun way of exploring London is paying a visit to this renowned world gallery. The National History Museum houses hundreds of interactive displays in a state-of-the-art building. Among them are the popular dinosaurs, the mammals exhibit highlighting its blue whale model and the impressive Central Hall – the residence of the iconic Diplodocus skeleton. Its wide-range program of events and exhibitions provides avenues for interactive and topical discussions about nature and science. Please take note that special exhibitions may come with charges, so have extra cash as much as possible.


  1. The Southbank Center

    A metropolitan arts center of the famous Thames, this is the best avenue for diverse kinds of cultural events, covering music, art, dance, performances and spoken language. Free events and activities are also offered here, with a wide range of food centers, shops and markets to ease your other needs. London serviced apartments also thrive nearby, giving additional perks for your comfortable stay and sight-seeing.


  1. The Tate Modern

    Conveniently located on the Thames’ banks, Britain’s national museum will truly give you the art goose bumps you want for free! Modern and contemporary art across the globe are both showcased in its awe-inspiring Turbine Hall. Special exhibitions may also come with charges.


  1. The London Eye
    Dubbed as the world’s tallest observation wheel at its 135-meter height, the London Eye is located in its heart, opposite the Big Ben and Houses of Parliament and spinning over Thames. This global icon of design and engineering is a modern epitome of London, offering a breath-taking 360-degree sight of the city. The famous 4D experience it gives makes it the top visitor landmark in the past ten years.


  1. Victoria and Albert Museum
    Another dramatic gallery of art and design, this museum gives you a glimpse of unrivaled diversity and scope in terms of its displays. Admission is for free!


  1. Science Museum

    Known as Europe’s most visited museum of science and technology, its building boasts of the more than 15,000 interactive displays that bring to life scientific principles as well as contemporary since debates. General entrance is for free!


While other destinations are available, you might as well try this list first as most tourists choose these spots over others. Time and efforts will be definitely worth it!