As someone who’s taken the TOEFL test more than one, I think I’m well-positioned to point out the common mistakes made by students who might not be ready for the TOEFL iBT. If you find that these errors occurring frequently in your writing or speech, I would advise you to devote more time to test preparation.

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1. Confusing verbs with nouns: for example, using the noun ‘choice’ instead of the verb ’choose’. ‘She didn’t know which scarf to choice because she liked them all.’ You should instinctively know that ‘choice’ does not match the context of an action. We should replace ‘choice’ by the verb ’choose’.

2. Confusing adjectives with nouns: if you describe travelling by public transport as ‘safety’ instead of ‘safe’, that’s an indicator that you need to improve your knowledge of English. An English Grammar course may help. Such knowledge is essential for speaking and writing correct English, which is critical in succeeding in the TOEFL iBT.

3. Referring to the past or the future while using the Present Simple Tense. For example:
‘She go to Latin America last summer’ instead of ‘She went to Latin America last summer’.
‘They play football tomorrow evening’ instead of ‘They will be playing football tomorrow evening’.

Without basic knowledge of past and future tenses, obtaining a satisfactory score in TOEFL is impossible. Again students making similar mistakes should seriously consider enrolling in an English course prior to the TOEFL iBT test.

Here are some more TOEFL tips to help you pass the test.