When it comes to pursuing a career, a lot of of Malaysian job seekers place a high value first and foremost in salary and benefits. And then follow other considerations, such as new challenges that come with the job, great career progression, and great company culture, to cite some. If you’re one of those job seekers who considers high salary and great benefits package as top priorities, you can pursue one of these 10 high-paying jobs in Malaysia:

  1. Surgeon As a surgeon, you’ll be responsible for preoperative, surgery, and postoperative care, which include leading and performing a surgical procedure and controlling the bleeding of patients’ wounds. The potential earning for a surgeon in Malaysia is about RM100,000 – RM700,000 annually.Low angle view of medical team in the operating theater performing surgery
  2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) You’re in charge of overseeing the financial aspects of your company as a CFO, which means you’ll be controlling the cash, handling the risk planning of any financial activity, and supervising the cash management. Expect to earn around RM70,000 – RM500,000 annually.
  3. Marketing Director Your duties as a Director of Marketing include overseeing the implementation of the company’s marketing strategy and developing the strategy, whether it is for existing or new products. As a Marketing Director, you could earn around RM240,000 annually.
  4. Clinical Research Associate (CRA) As a CRA, you’ll be performing a variety of activities of medical research, especially clinical trials. Expect to earn about RM60,000 annually in the fields of pharmaceutical and biotechnology.
  5. Real Estate Brokers Working as a Real Estate Broker requires you to advise clients on market conditions, mortgages, prices and other information, as well as soliciting potential clients to rent, sell, and buy properties. You can earn about RM54, 000 annually.Real Estate Brokers is a high pay jobs as Quality Control Engineer
  6. Insurance Risk Management Director As a Director for Risk Management in the field of insurance, you’ll be responsible for the management, leadership and innovation. Which means that you’re required to monitor, mitigate, evaluate, and identify the financial risk of your company. Expect to earn around RM40,000 – RM100,000 annually.
  7. Business Strategy Director As a Director of Business Strategy, you’re mainly responsible for the leadership and development of your company’s strategic practice. Your tasks include scoring new businesses, managing the marketing development, and building as well as growing consumer awareness of your company’s brand. You can earn about RM50,000 – RM100,000 annually.
  8. Pilot Your tasks include flying passengers and/or cargoes on short or long-haul flights for commercial, business or leisure purposes. Expect to earn about RM29,000 – RM100,000 annually.
  9. Electric & Gas Operations Manager As an Electric & Gas Operations Manager, your tasks include directing operations when it comes to repair, maintain, and construct the distribution systems of electric and gas. You can earn around RM27,000 annually.
  10. Quality Control (QC) Engineer Some of your daily tasks as a QC engineer include performing daily inspection and scope-testing for quality construction, ensuring all activities on site have been approved according to plan and method statement, coordinating with other managers, and taking care of the project’s QC documents. If you’re interested in quality control jobs in Malaysia, expect to be paid around RM40,000 – RM50,000 annually.Quality Control Engineer is a hot hand technical job in Malaysia

While it’s important to make ends meet, you should also consider a job that’s based on your passion and personal fulfillment. It’s hard to excel in a job and move up the career ladder when you don’t care about the work. As a rule of thumb, pursue a job that you have a passion for (or a job in an industry where you’d like to make positive changes) and that sufficiently funds your lifestyle and financial commitments.