The most sought after professions for graduates are often in the business field. Many students believe that you can get the best bang for your buck by getting a business degree in marketing or finance and then begin looking for a job in those fields upon graduation. Since nearly every business uses the information learned in business classes, having a business degree makes it easier to find and keep finance jobs or marketing jobs.

By learning the basics in a university setting, sales jobs and human resource jobs become easy targets for business graduates and many students find that their education helps them excel in these positions. Since business jobs tend to pay more than other professions, there is an influx of business graduates vying for these same positions each year. The basic knowledge of how a business is run combined with a marketing or business related degree does give recent graduates a leg up other graduates with other degrees, but since there are so many students with business related degrees, it can still be a challenge to find a lucrative position in the field.

Getting a finance job or sales job not only takes a combination of education and practical application of the knowledge, but it also takes drive to want to excel above all of the other graduates vying for the same position. Read about this finance career advice article about handling the important financial responsibilities of a company. While some of the most lucrative positions in the business field are sought after by business graduates, it takes an extra amount of drive to get a professional career with marketing jobs and human resources jobs. Since there are so many business graduates with the same idea, to find a professional, lucrative career within a few specific fields of work, it’s made the competition that much harder and gives employers the pick of the bunch since there are so many graduates looking for work. 

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