The history of the sport of boxing can be dated back to North Africa around 4000 B.C. However it can also be traced to Ancient Rome and Greece. In the Roman coliseums’ slaves would fight for freedom. The sport of boxing we know today took place in Britain around the 1860’s. The modern day boxing rules and regulations that approved the standards for the fighters. The regulations were there to approve gloves, mouth pieces and other equipment used by the fighters. Boxing as a sport took place during the 1904 St. Louis games. Where the history of the sport of kickboxing that takes place in a ring using several techniques originated from the martial arts of karate. The opponents use kicks, punches, knee strikes, elbow strikes, head butts, and/or throws to knock out the opponent. The evolution of the sport of kickboxing was first initiated in Japan and from Thailand’s Muay Thai Boxing. Muay Thai

Boxing can be traced to an ancient form that was used by Siamese soldiers during the Sukothia Era. This provided the soldiers physical exercise, self-defense, and a form of recreation. Kickboxing began to evolve in 1966 by having rules and regulations put forth along with allowing opponents to use gloves and other protective gear. The blending of Thailand’s Muay Thai Boxing, full body contact of Karate, and regular boxing formed a martial arts style known today as Kickboxing. In the late 1960’s in Japan the first kickboxing organization formed the Kickboxing Association that is now an international sport.

The individual’s that are interested in the techniques of kickboxing or boxing should talk with a health care provider to make sure that they are physically able to practice the moves. The first technique to learn is the correct stance so that the body can be facing the target and moving the right side while the rest of the body has support. The stance is the foundation for any sport that requires the balance of the human body like boxing, karate, kickboxing, fencing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and martial arts. All the positions used have strengths and weaknesses depending where the opponent is and the stance they have adapted to in that particular time. The simplicity of shifting the bodies balance away from the attack will only boost the counter punch with the combinations of kicks, jabs, uppercuts, the cross, and hook. There are a number of kicks like side kick, rear roundhouse, lead/front roundhouse, and back thrush that fighters are able to use against an opponent. Since the legs are longer and quicker to be most effective in any fight.