Studies show that more than 50% of Malaysians look for salaries and benefits when choosing a job. It is the leading feature by which many people decide to change their careers too. Of course, there are other factors that come into play, such as interests and skills.high-salary-and-wages-can-paid-in-banking-job

The same studies have shown that many Malaysians are not satisfied with their current salaries and there are constant complaints that salary schemes in Malaysia aren’t really keeping up with the rising cost of living. As such, many of you will no doubt be looking for jobs that pay the best rates. Here are the top 5 paying jobs in Malaysia that anyone can aspire to:

Surgeon In order to be a surgeon, you’ll have to go through a long period of training. This involves 5 years of undergraduate medical training which will earn you a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree, followed by at least 3 to 5 years of specialist training that will involve a residency. All in all, you’ll be studying for about 10 years or more to become a qualified surgeon. The job itself requires a lot of precision and experience, as one small mistake can lead to your patient’s demise. Surgeons typically get paid upwards of RM70,000 a month.


Chief Financial Officer (CFO) CFOs are paid on par with surgeons, as they are the individuals responsible for the financial state of large companies. It is considered a job with many heavy responsibilities to ensure that a company runs smoothly and is successful. He or she is also responsible for charting the financial course of their company for the future, and in the instance of financial trouble, form a strategy a to bring the company out with minimal damage.

Marketing Director¬† When it comes to marketing, experience is one of the best teachers. Most marketing directors may not have very high qualifications and most of what they know is learned on the job. As a marketing director, you can expect to be paid about RM55,000 a month. However, there are heavy responsibilities that come with the job as you have the final say on how your company’s products and services are sold. You’ll have to be very connected to the trends and taste of consumers, as well as to the changes in those tastes.every-industy-such-as-banking-and-finance-needs-marketing-director

Clinical Research Associate In order to be a clinical researcher, you’ll have to have a postgraduate degree in Biomedical science, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Nursing or related fields. In this field, you’ll be responsible for researching new treatments and testing their effectiveness. Schedules are tight and you’ll be expected to produce significant results from time to time in order to maintain your position. The monetary rewards are no joke, at an average of RM52,917 per month.

Real Estate Negotiator According to surveys, real estate negotiators in Malaysia can earn up to RM50,000 per month from the commissions of a property sale. Some negotiators, who work with an agency also earn a basic pay. Some negotiators who work independently earn only from sales commissions and agent fees. Unfortunately, a real estate negotiator’s income is not fixed, and some months you’ll earn more or less than the average. Your income also depends heavily on how active or robust the property market is.

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These jobs may seem like a breeze, but they require lots of hard work and commitment, which you should be prepared for. An equally high paying alternative awaits those who look for banking/finance jobs, as this field also has many promising high paying careers.