The internet has had a long-running love affair with cats (usually of the LOL variety) for what feels like forever. Videos of cats jumping into boxes, cats jumping out of boxes, cats falling off of furniture, and voiced-over cats abound, but all of them pale in comparison to what happens when cats and robotic vacuum cleaners are involved.

What makes the combination of cats and robotic vacuums so magical? It’s hard to say, as the ineffable je ne sais quoi really needs to be seen to be believed:

3- “kittens riding vacuum”  – Is the feline love of robotic vacuum cleaners nature, or nurture? This video attempts to answer this by showing a small pile of adorable, fluffy kittens sleeping on top of one. Will all of the kittens sleepily plop off like tiny fuzzy duffel bags, or will one of them remain supreme as master of the robotic vacuum?


2- “Cats meet robot vacuum”  – Set to a suitably thrilling action-movie soundtrack, this video is a compilation of cats’ reactions to a robotic cleaner. Observe as the wily felines flee from their new robotic companion, before the hunter becomes the hunted in a gripping plot twist. Will these cats forge an alliance with the mechanical interloper, or is the new vacuum destined for the scrap pile?


1- “Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba”  – In this video, a cat dressed as a shark rides a vacuum cleaner in more-or-less pursuit of a duckling. The video opens on a closeup of Shark cat enthusiastically purring in the anticipation of the chase, before cutting immediately to the encounter between Shark cat, robot vacuum, a tiny duck, and several walls. Around 1:15, the excitement heats up with the introduction of another competitor– hammerhead dog! Hammerhead dog is roughly three times the size of shark cat, even taking the robotic vacuum into consideration. Who will emerge victorious?


To us, robot vacuums are a convenience. To cats, they are part anti-duck M4 Sherman tank, part palanquin, and part alien intruder. Are these vacuums simply amusing to cats, or are they a key part of their quest to become humanity’s furry feline overlords? The world may never know.

Info source: Outstanding Cleaning and Even Entertaining – Robotic cleaners.