For those who wish to experience the rich and colorful culture of Spain, choosing a variety of dishes is an excellent place to start. They say the way to one’s heart is through the stomach and the best route to falling in love with a culture is through their culinary delights. Spain is no exception with a host of appealing dishes that remain the specialty of their culture. Favorites can come from different regions and may be prepared according to taste, making a substitution or leaving an ingredient out but they are still distinctive to the inviting world of Spain.

Appetizers are an excellent place to begin as the introduction to a meal or food that is prepared for a sampling. Asparagus and artichokes are popular ingredients in many Spanish recipes. They are often served in a variety of sauces. Artichokes can be stuffed with ham, clams, or any mixture of choice. They can also be grilled for variety. Avocados are another food that is popular, once again served in a sauce or stuffed with prawns or ham. Broad beans are versatile, cooked in an omelette or with sausage, vegetables, and herbs. Bread with vegetables and sauces served on top is another favorite.

When it comes to the main course, rice often makes an appearance. Arroz al horno, or baked rice, has a mixture of meat, beans, and spices. Another well-known dish is arroz con pollo, or chicken and rice, baked together in a casserole with a variety of seasonings and spices. Bonito with onion is a tasty selection with carmelized onions and peppers. Bonito can be used or replaced with tuna. It’s up to the chef and the person at the table. Roncal cheese stuffed with chicken breast is a treat as well. There is also the option of chicken breasts stuffed with mushrooms and cheese. Paella is one of the most well-known Spanish dishes. It can be made with a variety of ingredients. Generally it includes chicken and rice as well as seafood. Sausage may be incorporated into the mix. Empanadas bring people back again and again to fill their stomachs with the wonderful pastries stuffed with pork and a variation is an empanada pork pie. Tortillas are also a versatile base for so many dishes and can be filled according to taste.

A Spanish meal wouldn’t be complete without the desserts. Almonds are often incorported into many tasty, desserts such as almond flan, almond cakes, and almond snaps which are biscuits that go well with a hot beverage. Bombon de chocolate negro y blanco is a delicacy that includes white chocolate and liquer filling in dark chocolate. Churros, fried fritters with powdered sugar are favorites as well.

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