Skin pigmentation disorders can cause discoloration of your skin, which happens when the cells in your skin create melanin. When damaged or unhealthy, it decreases the process of melanin production. Some pigmentation disorders will appear in small patches on your skin and others can appear on your entire body.
There are two types of Skin Pigmentation such as the Hyperpigmentation, Where an enormous amount of melanin is produced causing your skin to become darker. And, the Hypopigmentation, where small amounts of melanin are produced causing the skin to become lighter.






Everyone dreams for perfect skin and when it comes to pigmentation, freckles, dark spots and uneven skin tones, these all are common issues that we all face. It can be a struggle to go outside dealing with skin pigmentation. Remember you are beautiful inside and out. In this article, I am going to provide you with natural remedies on how to remove or reduce Skin Pigmentation and help bring back healthier glowing skin. The following tips include:


Fresh Lemons/Limes and Organic Honey


Limes or lemons or a great advantage for skin pigmentation. The lemons and limes contain natural bleaches that blend perfect with organic honey that have moisturising ingredients included. Both the lemon and honey will assist in naturally bleaching and moisturizing of your skin. Not recommended for sensitive skin.


Usage Instructions

Squeeze the excess juice from the lemon or lime into a small jar add two teaspoons of honey mix together and apply in portions on your skin. Let sit for about five to ten minutes then rinse.


Cucumber Juice and Honey


Cucumber juice is a great remedy that helps lower skin pigmentation symptoms such as freckles and blemishes.


Usage Instructions

Blend a cucumber, and mix one teaspoon cucumber juice with one teaspoon of honey. You can apply on your entire face or on desired areas.


Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E Capsules


Aloe Vera has the necessary healing ingredients and solutions for a variety of skin issues. Aloe Vera is great for pigmented skin that helps eliminates dark spots and blemishes. In addition to all this, Aloe Vera treatment helps the dead skin cells to shed off converting into healthier glowing skin.

Usage Instructions

Apply the Aloe Vera skin gel once a night before you go to bed at night. You can add two vitamin capsules to increase its efficacy.

For extreme symptoms you should contact your doctor for immediate attention. It is also recommended to check with your doctor before using any remedies to be assured you don’t have allergies that will conflict with these tips.Find Shakura Malaysia beauty centres in KL in order to learn about the latest in Japanese beauty treatments and regimens.