RPM is an indoor cycling workout wherein your body moves to the rhythm of the powerful music. RPM is often in group classes where a trainer takes you on a journey through valleys, hills and mountains on your bike, performing different cycling techniques that builds up sweat and sculpts up your lower body.

Cycling classes are a great way to get rid of stress and burn a whole lot of calories (you’ll burn an average of 500 calories for every 50 minute session). While group classes build camaraderie and impart many benefits to the rider, cycling can lead to joint pains, pelvic chafing and pain in the glutes. These disadvantages often come up if the workout is not specifically suited for you. Working out with a personal trainer for RPM is a great compromise to take advantage of a good RPM workout without encountering any of the pitfalls.

indoor cycling exercise class

Here are 5 reasons you should join RPM cycle in the gym with a personal trainer.

1. Achieve Specific Fitness Goals

RPM workouts are good for many things, losing weight, strengthening your lower body and building endurance; however, different cycling moves lead to different results. A personal trainer will tailor fit RPM workouts to your fitness goals.

2. Create Personalized Workouts

While RPM cycling workouts are a good overall body workout, it doesn’t work out the upper body as much. Because of the amount of energy used in a session of cycling, you’ll need to run a delicate balance of upper body and lower body exercises as not to damage your body. A personal trainer can personalize RPM workouts in order to seamlessly incorporate a good upper body and core workout with an RPM cycle workout.

3. Take Advantage of a Buddy System

There’s no problem with working out alone; you’re able to concentrate and aren’t bothered by idle chatter, but there’s something that works with a buddy system. You and your buddy can keep track of workout achievements, fitness goals, and even small wins. A personal trainer is the ideal workout buddy because he can educate you on fitness routines and will root for you to achieve your goals.

4. Move to the Rhythm of your body

RPM cycle workouts are best when your body is in sync with the music and the movements. Oftentimes, the playlist isn’t in synch with your body and you perform the exercises sloppily and begrudgingly which leads to pelvic pains. A personal trainer can build a great cycling workout with music that moves with your body, not against it, for fast and synergized workouts.

5. Have a Good Stretch

One of the disadvantages of cycling is that your glutes and joints and feel abused after an intense workout. The correct stretching technique is essential to soothe sore muscles. A personal trainer will be able to properly stretch out sore body parts and massage muscles to promote blood circulation and muscle growth and ensure you don’t wake up with sore muscles.

RPM is an awesome workout to strengthen your lower body, burn a ton of calories and sculpt your body; however, working out with a personal trainer will elevate your cycling experience even more. If our 5 reasons is not enough to convince you, book a trial class with a personal trainer and let him take you on a ride to fitness.