Johor, the most southern state in peninsular Malaysia, has a thriving economy thanks to many of its new developments, like the world-renowned Iskandar City. The state, which is next door to Singapore, is poised to be the next rich state in Malaysia. Similar to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, Johor is a bustling modern city with skyscrapers. If you’re thinking of relocating to Johor, find out the top six most popular job vacancies in the state:

  1. Senior Marketing / Leasing Executive (Real Estate) This role normally requires you to find prospective tenants; prepare, develop and negotiate documents with regard to property leasing; and deal with tenants to ensure the highest yields. A diploma or degree in real estate management, business studies or marketing would be good.Senior Marketing or Leasing Executive in Real Estate is one of the popular job in Johor
  2. International School Teacher (Education) There are several international schools based in Johor, and teachers are constantly in-demand. To work as a teacher at an international school, you must meet the minimum requirement of a graduate diploma and a degree in teaching or education, with a minimum two years of relevant working experience.
  3. Warehouse Executive (Manufacturing) Due to Johor being an industrial state, there are plenty of active factories producing different products for different industries, and warehouse execs are much needed to manage the warehouses. This role requires you to do manpower planning, monitor and oversee warehouse activities, perform ad-hoc duties and assignments, manage the cycle count control and inventory, stock checking, and delegate tasks to other staff. You need at least a diploma and three years of working experience.Manager In Warehouse Writing On Clipboard
  4. Customer Service Officer (Logistics) Most of the time, this role requires you to also work on Saturdays. Some of the job duties include handling all outbound/inbound calls from customers, answering emails, mails and faxes regarding inquiries about the company’s product or service and solving customers’ complaints and concerns. Though the minimum requirement for this role is SPM, you need to be fluent in a few key languages and have great communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. Senior Web Developers (Tech) This role is one of the hottest job vacancies not only in Johor, but the whole country. Web developers are highly in-demand in Malaysia, and they’re among the highest paid in the country. For senior roles as a web developer, you must have at least a diploma in computer science, information technology or any other relevant major. Additionally, you must have at least four years working experience and can handle managing remote teams.Senior Web Developers are one of the hottest job vacancies not only in Johor but the whole country
  6. Mechanical / Electrical Engineer (Engineering) Johor is one of the states in Malaysia that constantly need engineers, particularly mechanical and electrical engineers. This role mainly sees you assisting the operations or managing the production and manufacturing process, perform various duties assigned by the upper management, liaise with vendors, and implement improvement on machineries. A diploma in relevant field is required, with minimum three years of working experience.

All of these jobs require you to be based in Johor. Check out the job vacancies in Johor online for more vacancies in various industries. Most of the people who work in Johor has a good knowledge on how to use certain machineries (if you decide to go into manufacturing or logistics), so a relevant knowledge would be great. There are a few perks to working in Johor compared to KL and Selangor, like a more affordable cost of living and less traffic congestion.