mol pointAs videogames have become increasingly complex over the years and the internet has revolutionized the capabilities of even the most basic game platforms, the economies involved have grown accordingly.

As many of the most popular titles of the day are free-to-play, there’s been a focused effort to create simpler, more secure ways of transferring funds. Though free-to-play, these micro-transactions are fundamental to the ongoing success of any game, small or large. Making sure that customers have flexibility and security is beneficial to the entire industry, so it’s not surprise that it’s become a focus for major business.
As the gaming landscape has grown more sophisticated, one of the companies doing the same with digital currency is MOL Money Online. While Microsoft and Sony consoles enjoy their own unified digital currency for any game developers to utilize, the same can’t be said for the diverse ecosystem of PC/Mobile gaming. MOL has been making serious efforts to change that.

MOL’s payment platform is targeted specifically to game developers, with partnerships with most major financial institutions. From VISA and Mastercard to PayPal, “MOL Points” can be purchased for use in well over a hundred games, including “Clash of Kingdoms,” “Eve Online,” and even “Candy Crush Saga.” If there’s a popular MMO on PC or mobile, chances are they use MOL’s services.

The benefits to this unified currency are obvious. For one, the same financial information doesn’t need to be entered for every game being played. For another, game companies large and small can utilize the digital currency of a company dedicated to its maintenance and security, rather than having to build their own. Many of the larger games maintain both, but the benefit of an international entity expanding the scope of potential funding is a no-brainer.

Of course, on a more practical level, these cards allow users to set limits on their gaming expenses. Parents can even teach the basics of credit card management and budgeting, while maintaining primary control over real-world expense.

Finally, the benefit of digital currency is in its flexibility. Given the nature of these videogames, there’s every incentive to increase the exchange value of real money for larger digital currency packages. However, finding the best deals on recharging your card can wind up becoming a game unto itself.

One site offering a range of options of many digital currencies is SEA Gamer Mall. At you can find a series of packages of increasing value, along with deals for Gamer Mall members as well. Currently using PayPal can garner a 5% discount immediately, which can certainly make the sting of trading real money for digital money easier to bear.

Truly, this pattern of games development is just getting started. It’s interesting to see the ways that businesses and institutions are responding to it, but there are scammers responding to these changes as well. Backpage deals are common online, with countless tales of loss. The best advice you could get would be to tread carefully, and find reputable sites to recharge your gamecards.