The real estate game in Singapore is a little different than in the United States, but the great thing is that buyers can still find some great information about their financial options when they use a mortgage calculator to help. These specialized calculators allow users to input all of the pertinent information about the home purchase, and the calculator will provide all of the important numbers for a new home buyer.

Anyone that is looking for the best home loan understands that the process may take some time. Lenders are all very different, and some of them will not always offer the best possible rates. The best way to get a great rate is by shopping around online to find the lender that will give you the rate that you need or want. There are plenty of lenders available to help you get the best home loan rates in Singapore.

The mortgage calculators that are available are as exact as possible, so buyers will get a very exact estimate. There could be a few minor variations once all is said and done, but the accuracy is amazing. With the right calculator found at, you can find out quickly if you can afford the home or commercial property that you want.


All you need to do is put in the price of the loan to get matched with some great information. Once the loan amount is entered, you click on the property type that you are seeking and whether or not the process is completed or not. The final step is to add in the tenure of your loan. This is the number of years that you want the loan to go for. The amount of your loan will vary greatly based upon this number. The longer you have the loan for, the lower the payments will be each month.

Once everything is calculated, you will be put in touch with a banking institution that can offer you the loan that you want. You will be able to contact the lender immediately via the online format, and you will likely have many different options to choose from.



Another way to find the best rate is by using the calculator to help with a refinancing opportunity. Refinancing loans can save you large amounts of money each month, and many people who own property in Singapore are using this method to generate more equity or savings.

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