Medical aesthetics deals with making a person more beautiful than they were before they had the procedure done. Common procedures treated by aesthetic doctor, sometimes referred to as estheticians, are of two different types. The first type works is a doctor who is working to improve the outward beauty of a person. Common problems seen by this doctor are the use of Botox to treat sagging skin, procedures to treat varicose veins or spider veins, nose reshaping and collagen induction therapy to reduce wrinkles. The second type of medical aestheticians is employed in independent offices and in spas. Common procedures performed by these medical aestheticians involve tattoo removal, the application of permanent makeup and the permanent hair removal.

The first type of medical aestheticians is fully licensed doctors. They must complete a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree usually in an area of science before completing medical school. They will then complete a residency with a major medical school. This person will then go on to complete specialized training in medical aesthetics. Often, his or her first job is in conjunction with another doctor, at an aesthetic clinic, who has been doing it for a long period. At several points along the way, this person must pass exams to prove that they are ready to pass to the next level of their training.
The medical aestheticians who are licensed doctors are able to do various tasks. They can provide the patient with topical skin care products that have better results than their over-the-counter alternatives. One of the most common treatments that doctors prescribe these products for is acne.

They are also able to use chemical peeling agents. These chemical peeling agents are used to treat a number of problems included enlarged pores, acne and skin pigmentation problems. Chemical peeling agents are especially useful for treating black circles under the eyes. These doctors are also able to use aggressive microdermabrasion machines. The most common reason to use a microdermabrasion machine is acne. The machine works to open up clogged pores that are often the cause of acne. Furthermore, these doctors are able to use machines that will help with varicose and spider veins. They can also use machines that will help to remove wrinkles.

The second type of medical aesthetician attends either a beauty school or a specialized school for aesthetics. Two of the larger training programs in the United States are the Medical Aesthetics Training in Plano, Texas, the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. After these students have completed their training which can last anywhere from a week to nine months. The students must ten pass a state exam. State requirements vary greatly.

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