Finding a male pattern baldness cure remains a slippery slope of hope for most men. Approximately 25 percent of men who experience baldness begin to see signs of loss before the age of 21. Studies provided by the American Hair Loss Association also show that two-thirds of men will experience thinning and hair loss by the age of 35. These statistics are very concerning.

Is it possible to stop male pattern baldness and cure it? There are many natural strategies that are commonly used but remain unproven. Should you include home recipe cures in your personal list of planned strategies? The home recipes listed here remain unproven and are most commonly used out of desperation. Some men have claimed that they were able to achieve results using these and other home recipes. A better option may be found using hair supplements. The vitamins listed below are found in many over the counter supplements. The home recipes and vitamins listed may be beneficial for achieving both healthy hair and good health.
Home Recipes Baldness Cures
These home recipes offer some solutions for a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp can both prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

•Scalp Massage Using Castor, Coconut or Olive Oil
Pour a few drops of one of these natural oils into your hand and massage on the scalp in a circular motion. Use a shower cap to cover your head for several hours. The oils may provide nutrients to the scalp and the massage may stimulate blood circulation and boost hair growth. Adding a drop of almond oil will add vitamin E and a pleasant aroma.

•Coconut Milk
Coconut oil and coconut milk can be used topically or consumed for the purpose of producing healthy hair follicles.

•Black Pepper and Yogurt Paste
Mix 2 teaspoons of black pepper into 3 ounces of plain yogurt. This paste should be gently applied to a receding hairline and patches of thinning hair. Rinse and shampoo normally.
Vitamin Supplements for Male Pattern Baldness

•Niacin and Biotin
These B vitamins are found in many of the supplements that are commonly suggested for hair. Biotin is commonly known as the hair vitamin. Niacin (vitamin D3) works best when combined with Biotin. Together they provide dietary support for hair and skin.

•Vitamin B12
A lack of vitamin B12 can result in premature graying and hair loss. A proper balance of vitamin C and iron are necessary for the body to properly absorb vitamin B12.

•Vitamin D and Calcium
Vitamin D is essential for total body health and is a necessary component for the absorption of calcium. Calcium is vital for healthy follicles. Hair loss can be caused by a lack of vitamin D or calcium.

Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM) builds collagen. MSM is necessary for healthy tendons, bones, hair and nails. MSM plays an essential role in tissue repair and could result in thicker and stronger hair.

Two weeks to two months are needed for you to determine what benefits are resulting from either home recipes or hair supplements. Finding an answer for male pattern baldness may or may not be possible through the use of these natural options. Proper care of the scalp combined with vitamin supplements may promote hair growth and prevent baldness. These hair growth options may help you in your fight with hair loss.