Malaysia, a country located in Southeast Asia rich is natural and social culture. It is still predominantly underdeveloped to a great extent, so travelers can balance the exotic scenery of its natural beauty alongside the technologically advanced infrastructures that the country has to offer. The country is flanked by Singapore and Thailand on either side, so getting to another significant mainland is quite easy and efficient. Malaysia involvement in tourism and its access to oil has enabled the country to become one of the richest nations in Southeast Asia. These two industries have allowed the country to develop over the years and become more self sufficient that most of their neighbors.

Malaysia is a very multicultural country. It boasts people from a different areas in the world. The majority of people residing in the country considers themselves Malays. These constitute to about 52% of all the people living in Malaysia. 27% of the total population are Chinese, while 9% represent Indians. The rest of the population makes up are other immigrants and people from various cultural backgrounds.

Malaysian holidays are many and varies in significance. Some of the holidays are religious while others are just a fun filled social gathering for the entire family. A very popular holiday celebrated by many in the country is ‘open house’ custom. This blend both social and cultural traditions into one family, fun filled festivity. This annual festivity involves visits from family and friends to one designated family home. Here they have lots of food to eat, music as well as a traditional religious ceremony.

Malaysia predominantly enjoys a tropical climate. It experiences its rainy seasons between October and February. So it is advised that travelling takes place in the other months to avoid the rainy season. Temperatures never usually exceed 32 deg. C. or 90 deg. F.

Finding lodging in Malaysia can be a big task. Even though it is good to rely on various online critics and opinions, there is not better advise available than what is available from the local community. Out of all the numerous choices in lodging that exist in Malaysia, a good percentage of budget travelers normally find a homestay in Malaysia (

Travel to Malaysia, require some amount of planning and research. Even though it is quite easy to visit the country unmolested, it is always in the best interest of the traveler to know as much as possible about the destination and its attractions.