Epilasik is a surgery that a lot of eye doctors can do to help free a person from wearing glasses or contacts. Basically can eye doctor will put a device over the surface of a person’s cornea. Therefore, a person’s cornea is less likely to be damaged in this procedure. Plus it is not as painful as the Lasik surgery.

Epi Lasik is a better than Lasik surgery because it does not use alcohol in the procedure. This is because the alcohol that is used in the regular lasik surgery can a lot of side effects with a person’s eyes.

There are several different Lasik side effects. The first one of the Lasik side effects is dry eyes. A person is usually going to get the dry eyes within the first month of the procedure and it should go away about four months after the procedure. Sometimes the dry eyes will cause a person to have blurry vision that is painful. The second one of the Lasik side effects is Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis. Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis is a inflammation that happens underneath the flap of the eye. This can usually be treated by some anti inflammatory eye drops daily.

The third one of the Lasik side effects is a Delayed epithelial healing. This means that it could take up to 5 days before a person is able to use their eyes after the procedure. Most of the time, a person’s eyes are going to be very scratchy so they are probably going to be uncomfortable during the healing time. The fourth one of the Lasik side effects is Epithelial ingrowth. This is when the epithelium will start to grow underneath the flap of the eye instead of sealing up like it is suppose to. Therefore, it will probably have to be removed.

The fifth one of the Lasik side effects is pain or sensitivity to light. This will usually happen to a person has three to five days after they have had the procedure. But it should not last any longer than two weeks. This is something else that can be treated with anti inflammatory drops. The sixth one of the Lasik side effects is Flap striae. This is when the flap of the eye begins to get wrinkles in it. It is more likely to happen to a person who is nearsighted and is probably going to happen to a person who rubs their eye too soon after the procedure.

The seventh one of the Lasik side effects is a glare or halos when a person is exposed to lights. This usually happens to a person who is over the age of 50 and has a smaller size pupil. Most of the time if a person has it before the surgery, then it probably going to get worse after the procedure. The eighth one of the Lasik side effects is a haze. This does not happen as much as it did when the procedure first was introduced in the 1990’s.

These are the top eight side effects of the Lasik eye surgery. The Lasik eye surgery cost can depend on where a person goes for their procedure. The Lasik surgery clinic will ask you what type of Lasik surgery you want to determine the Lasik eye surgery cost. Check out here for the most common lasik side effects.