Many people believe that kindergarten can be the cornerstone of a child’s development. This is a crucial point because many children are entering school for the first time. Parents should be patient during the child’s period of adjustment. Kindergartens in Malaysia are wonderful for fostering learning in a social setting. Creativity is vital for children, and when children are given the opportunity to engage in creative learning and play activities with other children they are establishing the groundwork for a lifetime of learning.

Foster Creativity

Kindergarten children have enormous imaginations that need to be occupied. It is essential that activities for kids are designed in way that encourage learning alongside imaginative play. While children do enjoy coloring, they need versatile creative outlets in order to be entertained for any length of time. Making thumb print animals or painting often captures a child’s attention. A kindergartener should not be told that there is only one way to draw a house or a dog; this represses their own creativity. It is best when kids can recognize that shapes are used in a vast number of ways when creating pictures. A kindergartner will be quite proud if their parents display their work of art on the refrigerator.



Group Activities

Children are often entertained for longer periods of time if they are interacting with a group. There have been kindergartener teachers that have been known to introduce large 500 piece puzzles for a class to work on together. Of course the children will need much guidance, but they enjoy working on a task together.

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Play Center

An imagination station or play center is often a popular choice for kindergarten children. A play kitchen with play food and costumes encourages children to create their own stories and teaches them to share and interact with other children.




Story Time

Another important activity is story time. Every child enjoys listening to a well-crafted story that has colorful illustrations. Reading to children also exposes children to words that would not be used on a daily basis otherwise. When children are read to at an early age it deepens their love of reading and expands their vocabulary.




Musical Play

Music time is another opportunity to teach children in a fun way. Children love rhythm whether they are singing a nursery rhyme song, their alphabet or a song that teaches them about numbers. Music makes it easier to commit important concepts to memory. Of course children also love to clap along with the beat. Parents typically enjoy listening to their child sing nursery rhymes or other fun songs that were taught at school. Music is an excellent tool for getting children excited about learning.

Your kindergartener will be able to learn as they play. It is important for a kindergarten class to utilize activities that involve all children. Some children may be naturally shy, and group activities are great for helping them learn to socialize and interact with others. Childhood is precious. Your child deserves a kindergarten class that supports them and encourages growth.