A business law degree can prepare you for a variety of careers. While the majority of students pursuing a degree in law are preparing for a career as a lawyer, there are many other possibilities as well. Having legal knowledge can benefit you in many business careers. All businesses must be concerned with legal issues, which is why having a background in this area can be a desirable trait for job seekers.



Provides Career Flexibility

A law degree in business allows you more choices than having only a business degree or a more general type of law degree. Some people work in the legal field only to find that they want to explore other opportunities. If you also have a strong background in business, you will be qualified for jobs in areas such as finance, international business and other areas.

If you do decide to work as an attorney, either in private practice or for a company, a business law degree gives you a solid background. Business law is a large field with an almost limitless number of potential clients and employers. Companies of all sizes hire lawyers. If you want to open up a private law practice, you can serve the needs of individuals and small businesses that require legal assistance.


Jobs and Industries Where You Might Work

Let’s look at a few of the jobs and industries that you might consider with a business law degree.

• Banking and Finance -Legal knowledge is always a plus in these fields.
• Government Jobs
• Entrepreneur -Business and legal expertise are valuable when you start your own business.
• Teaching -With an advanced degree you could teach business and/or law.
• Nonprofit Organizations
• Mediation -You can help people resolve conflicts in a non-legal setting.


Getting a Business Law Degree in Malaysia

A business law degree can be very helpful for many careers. There are a few ways to approach this. You could go to a law school and specialize in business law. There are also joint MBA/JD programs that combine two very desirable degree programs. Many colleges and universities nowadays offer online learning as a convenient option for students who find it inconvenient to attend classes in person. However you choose to do it, a business law degree can be a very worthwhile investment in your future.