Singapore can be an amazing place to live. It also has a highly competitive rental market. Some people who go out looking for a place to rent make mistakes that can be costly or inconvenient for the duration of the rental agreement. You can take several steps to avoid common problems when renting a property in Singapore.

Be As Flexible As Possible

The reality is that space in Singapore is very limited. You can find a property to rent although you will need to be as flexible as possible. You might not be able to live directly next to your job or school. You might have to sacrifice amenities you are used to having. If you remain very flexible, then you are going to have a much easier time securing a rental property.



Be Ready To Act Fast

A problem some people encounter is losing a good apartment to other applicants. This can happen if you take too long to send a letter of intent or if you spend days pondering the rental. The way to avoid this problem is to be ready to act fast. Have the money ready for the security deposit, rent and other fees. If you find a flat that will meet your needs, then act immediately. This will greatly increase your chances of securing a good apartment in Singapore.


Check the Neighbourhood and Amenities Yourself

There are times when property owners exaggerate the amenities in a rental or the features in the surrounding neighbourhood. You do not want to rent a property that does not really include everything advertised. This is why you need to check the neighbourhood and amenities yourself. If the rental is supposedly near shopping or buses, then check that those claims are true. Explore the amenities on the property if possible to ensure they are functional and available.



Never Ignore the Inventory of Contents

The inventory of contents has become a problem for many renters in Singapore. The inventory of contents is a list of all the items that were present at the rental property before the new tenants moved in. Some property owners breeze through this list or insist renters just sign it. Do not do this. Go through the list and the property to check that everything listed is present and accurately described.


Look For HDB Apartments First

A common mistake some people make is to pay too much for rent in Singapore. One way to avoid this is to look for housing provided through the Housing Development Board, or HDB, first. This type of housing is generally very affordable. An advantage of HDB flats is that they are usually in self-contained communities so you will always be near things like supermarkets and clinics. You can find out HDB for rent in Bishan. If you find an HBD for rent, then jump on the opportunity immediately.



Read the Full Tenancy Agreement

A major mistake that renters in Singapore make all the time is to just sign the tenancy agreement without going through the entire document. You want to stop and read every word of the tenancy agreement before you sign. This is important because the agreement might contain rules and regulations that will inhibit your normal lifestyle. If you do discover something odd, you can ask the property owners to modify the agreement. Never sign a tenancy agreement without reading and fully understanding what is in the contract.


You want the best rental property possible in Singapore. Finding that apartment or home to rent will require some work. You do not want to make any mistakes early in the process that could hurt you later. Using these tips will ensure you have a good experience when renting property in Singapore.