Lasers like the Revlite can do amazing things for your skin in Singapore. A laser can help to remove excess pigment from under your skin to make your complexion more even. You need to understand that treatments using lasers require preparation and recovery. Here is how to care for your skin before and after treatments involving lasers.

Avoid Alcohol and Skin Care Products before Treatments 

You need to avoid alcohol and using skin care products before any treatment in Singapore. The reason is that alcohol and vitamin A can actually cause your skin to bruise more easily when the laser is being used. You want the laser treatment to be as effective as possible. Stop drinking alcohol two weeks before a treatment. Stop using all skin care products at least three days before treatment.
Drink Water and Stay Hydrated 

Your skin needs water in order to look bright, supple and healthy. You need to drink a good amount of water both before and after any treatments done with a laser in Singapore. Drink water throughout the day. Water is going to help your skin remain resilient while the laser is targeting cells containing extra pigment. It will also help your skin to return to normal quickly in the days after the treatment.


Keep Out Of the Sun 

You really need to keep out of the sun when being treated with a laser. Avoid direct sunlight for a week or two before your scheduled treatment. This will help to protect your skin and minimise any complications later. You also want to stay out of the sun after you have been treated with the Revlite laser in Singapore. This will help to minimise redness and discolouration. If you must go out into the sun, then wear a hat and possibly some water-based sunscreen.

Try Not To Touch or Irritate Your Skin 

Your skin is going to feel a little warm after the treatment. You might even feel a slight tingle that will go away within a day or two. Try not to touch or irritate your skin. Do not itch or pick at your skin. If you do, then you could potentially make any swelling or redness worse. You could even trigger a small amount of bleeding. Leave the treated skin on your face alone until you have fully recovered.

Do Not Use Harsh Lotions or Makeup 

You must avoid using harsh lotions and makeup immediately after a treatment. Your skin is going to be especially sensitive and vulnerable from the laser. It will take time for your skin to replenish itself. You need to avoid using products that contain alcohol or other strong chemicals. You can wear makeup although it should be very light. Test makeup and lotions first to ensure they do not cause swelling or redness.

It is important to follow the instructions of professionals exactly when you are getting a Revlite treatment. You want the laser to work properly and your skin to recover fast afterwards. Taking these steps will help you to get the best results possible from the treatment.