Becoming a lawyer is a noble and needed position; however, it requires many attributes from a person such as: an extensive education, the financial ability to pay for law school and an ability to handle stressful situations concerning the law. Law school is a three year program but can only begin once you have a bachelor’s degree.

At times, there is a great deal of stress and pressure; especially when taking the LSAT and bar examination. Public speaking is also a big part of being a lawyer. LLB, Bachelor of Law, are words students of the law look forward to hearing upon receiving their degree.

To be clear, in order to become a lawyer you must first graduate from a four year degree program from an accredited college and then be accepted at an ABA-accredited law school. It is important to keep in mind that in order to qualify for the bar examination, a lawyer must graduate from a “law school approved by the American Bar Association.” But, before going to law school, a person must take the Law School Admission Test. This test lasts between four and six hours and is a test that measures a person’s reading and analytical skills. Obtaining a degree in law takes discipline, an analytical mind and a desire to achieve the goal.

Legal Information Tips : How to Become a Lawyer

The bar examination is a two-day examination that tests a person’s knowledge of the law, as well as general legal principles. Essays questions and multiple choice questions are a big part of the examination. In addition, there is also an ethics examination that is required of law students. This examination tests a person’s knowledge of judicial conduct, as well as the codes of professional responsibility. Taking a law course takes effort and good study habits. Obtaining a Certificate in Legal Practice is the result of hard work and a disciplined mind.

Keep in mind, that besides having a comprehensive knowledge of the law, there are other attributes that are also important such as being able to communicate clearly and concisely. Listening skills are also very important in becoming a good lawyer. Being able to write well is also important. Understanding the basics of English grammar, being able to write concise and clear documents and creating various legal documents is also needed in order to do well as a lawyer. Customer skills such as being honest with your clients and acting responsibly with them, are also important attributes.

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