Whether you are an e-commerce site, a social media start-up, a blog or a basic informational website, you will need a hosting package to make sure that your users find your site and access your content. If your website is a business, the hosting package is mission critical. If the site is for entertainment or personal use, the hosting is still important to keep it online and to send or receive emails if necessary. There are several important factors for web hosting success.

There are several types of server options you can choose for your web hosting. Usually to start out, you will not purchase your own server but rather use an online hosting package.


Firstly, you will choose how much memory you need on your server. Does your site have a lot of pictures and video? Are you expecting thousands, or millions of viewers or do you think the audience will be much smaller. Do you want a lot of space for content, feedback and sharing? All of these criteria can be used to make the choice of server space. Usually, space ranges from 100s of Gigabytes and up. The number of email address will also correlate to the number of space you acquire.

Shared or Dedicated

Next, you must choose whether you want shared (virtual) hosting or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting uses one server (or multiple servers) for one website in concert with other websites. These sites are slightly less secure, slightly more unstable but are much cheaper. Dedicated servers provide one server for one website. They are more secure and more stable but cost much more.

Geographic Hosting

Locating servers close to clients is an important feature. If you have clients in Asia you may want Singapore web hosting to make the experience of accessing your website much quicker and easier. If your users are in the UK, you may want to locate your server in London. However, many international firms use Singapore web hosting to maximize their presence throughout Asia.

Overall, the choice of web host is important to the functioning of your site and the user experience. Choose wisely to maximize success.