Wood-boring beetle problems must be handled fast because they cause serious damage to furniture. Understanding the different kinds of bugs helps homeowners prevent and solve various bug problems.

Common wood-boring beetles are from many families of beetles. Beetles have larvae that feed on various kinds of wood products, such as furniture. These bugs have an important role because they tunnel through decaying wood, and this is useful in decomposition. Some wood-boring beetles also feed on burned or damaged trees, but they do not harm harvested lumber.


Understanding When There Is A Wood Furniture Infestation

A few stray beetles are usually located on firewood or other types of wood products. When this occurs, there may not be an active infestation. Because adult beetles travel within the wood, inspect the furniture for exit holes that have an oval shape. The hole has a size that ranges from 1/35 inches to 3/8 inches. Sawdust or food fragments could fill the exit holes. When this happens, there will be small piles on the floor under the furniture. There is an infestation problem if the dust reappears one week after the dust is cleaned off the floor.


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How To Prevent Infestations

The best way to solve bug problems is by preventing the issues before they occur. For example, when buying wood furniture from a furniture store, inspect the timber carefully if possible. The timber should not have any exit holes. Ensure that the furniture manufacturer uses wood that has been air dried to reduce moisture. Wood-infesting bugs infest on wood that has moisture. The furniture style also matters. Furniture that is designed with firewood must be debarked. It also must be stored in a location that is not near other structures. After the furniture is purchased, the overall moisture in the home must be reduced. The moisture level can be reduced by using the proper ventilation, dehumidifiers, and drainage. Also, consider using the proper bug prevention products. For example, treat unfinished furniture using a product that has borate. A borate product prevents damage that is caused by wood-infesting bugs.




How To Use A Liquid Product To Prevent Bugs Issues

A liquid product that prevents wood-infesting bug issues is used on many cellulostic materials, such as wood. When using the product on unfinished wood, it must be brushed or sprayed. Many homeowners use liquid bug prevention products because they are clear when they dry. The products are also useful in areas that will be not seen. When using a liquid bug prevention product for this type of project, the proper amount of pigment must be included in the solution for tracking. This is one of the many reasons why homeowners use liquid bug prevention products for bug problems. Although salt powdered products are another option to consider, liquid bug prevention products without salt powder absorb further in the wood. However, when using the product outside, a water-protective layer will be needed because rain will be an issue.


How To Use A Salt Power Product To Prevent Bug Issues

A product that has salt power must be applied to wood that is not treated. Although this kind of product handles bug problems efficiently, it leaves a powdery, dry film.

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