The subject of gambling is all encompassing. It combines man’s natural play instinct with his desire to know about his fate and his future.” This was once said by a man named Franz Rosenthal. Perhaps it is this desire that urges a man to continue the habit of gambling, despite whatever negative consequences it might have brought forth before. In places like Thailand, where no gambling is legal except for horse racing and the national lottery, you will still find plenty of gamblers around. In fact, about 70% of Thai adults gamble regularly.

Unfortunately, not all gamblers are lucky enough leave with a small fortune, and often they will borrow more money to gamble again in attempts to win back the money that was already lost. Most of these people will not have the money to pay back, and mind you, the money lenders are no gentlemen about that. If you are not able to pay back the money, you will most likely end up with bruises all over your body – if you’re lucky, that is. Otherwise, you may even end up dead.

Compulsive gambling have not only caused broken families, where families fight over the money to feed the habit, it also creates a rift in the community. When their own families can no longer supplement their habit, gambling addicts like all other addicts, will turn to crime. Stripped of their conscious, they will steal, cheat and commit other crimes, such as prostituting, for the money to gamble. Instead of earning the money to provide for their family (or for themselves), their main point of interest becomes, “Where else can I get the money for another round of bet?”

These may seem like a simple problem to solve, but despite the laws, more and more illegal gambling centers have mushroomed over years including online poker, online casino and sports betting, pulling in both locals and foreigners. This is one of the biggest concerns that Thailand has about legalizing this dangerous activity – would legalizing gambling further ruin the Thai society?

If only we can all understand that the best way to secure our money is really to keep it in our pockets (or the bank).