The human species has been developing different types of alcoholic drinks for thousands of years, from tree sap and various fruits to even something as drastic as fermented human saliva. There’s no question that, as a people, we’ve always loved getting our buzz on! Though over the past couple of centuries, we have perfected the art of brewing beer, and there are thousands of varieties out there to choose from.

Even though we have so many options, however, most beer drinkers don’t really stray too far away from their favorites. Well, if you’ve been wanting to try a high-quality beer, you might entertain the idea of trying out some lesser known craft selections and beers from abroad that will tickle your taste buds.


A Few Quality Beers to Try Out

1: Hell or High Watermelon

A strong wheat beer that has a distinctive sweet flavor from watermelon, this little hidden jewel is definitely a beer worthy of tasting at least once. Although it has a rather strong acidic bite to it, the watermelon leaves a subtle sweetness lingering on your tongue. It’s undoubtedly a beer; nothing fancy like a wine cooler. It just goes down easier than most craft selections.


Hell or High Watermelon



2: Tiger Beer

The name is fierce and the taste is strong, perfect for accompanying spicy meals or even sipping like fine wine after a hard day of work. Tiger Beer is an Asian beer, but it’s not as strong (by alcohol content) as many beers in that region. Its body is thick; it’s a legitimate lager that reminds you you’re drinking a beer-drinker’s beer. But it’s not one of those beers that’s going to sneak up on you and leave you needing a cab after two.





3: Spring IPA

A very light, dry beer that really hits the spot on a mild, breezy day, Sprint IPA is an aptly named selection that’s gaining a big head of steam in the marketplace. It uses grapefruit in its brewing, but what really comes through are those earthy hops. It’s crisp, but it’s not straight carbonated water like mass-produced lights. You still know you’re drinking a beer.


Spring IPA



4: Fosters

Although Foster’s was big about a decade ago with all their commercial spots, they really fell off the map. However, many are rediscovering this lager and they’re loving it. It’s a very strong, almost metallic-tasting lager, so it’s an acquired taste. But those familiar with beer and who have the refined palates for it come to love that bitter, burnt hoppy taste.




Beers pop up by the dozens every year, with a new selection trying to break through to the mainstream. You’ll probably never be able to taste them all, but the four listed above are definitely worth trying.