When Final Fantasy 14 Online first launched, it was one of the most recycled games that was a huge letdown for fans in the series. With the latest instalment called Final Fantasy 14 Online a Realm Reborn, the developers have created one of the most polished MMORPGs in the online community, and it makes the FF 14 time card worth it. The level of expanse and everything that you can do is part of what makes this game so great. When it comes to classes, you have four different classes:

• Disciple of War

• Disciple of Magic

• Disciple of Land

• Disciple of Hand

ffxiv-image-6If you choose the Disciple of War, you will have access to Gladiators, which specialize in one-handed blades. Their specialization will also let you throw knives. The nice thing about the Gladiator is that you can fight with a shield in one hand, you you can go without a shield. The next choice you have is the Pugalist, which has been aimed at mastering hands. The ultimate goal of the Pugalist is ultimate mastery, and they can wear a variety of armors. The Pugalist will adapt their fighting style in an ongoing fashion to fit with the gravity of the situation.

PLDRANext, you have Paladins, and they are a fantastic fighting character. They can also serve a limited role with support healing when needed, but fighting is more focused with the Paladin. Looking for an amazing combat specialist? If so, you may want to choose the Marauder. This is the brute force of the warrior class, and they will rely heavily on steel and unexpressed rage to crush their enemies. A Marauder is an indispensable character on the battlefield, and they can control the timing and distance of the fighting.

51c3dc56_Final-Fantasy-XIV-A-Realm-Reborn-Lancer-MarauderFighting from a distance with melee never looked as good as it did with the Lancer. The advantage of the Lancer is that you can pepper your opponents with many thrusting attacks while staying far enough back to reach with your pole arm. Meanwhile, you can avoid the enemy’s fiery anger. Finally, you have the Archer, which can assault enemies from a farther range. The Archer takes a simple weapon and turns it into invaluable support for other players. You can easily manipulate the outcome with an Archer.

1b7e16b2c2d77ca5de521bfa73f791feWith the Disciples of Magic, you have three different classes: Conjurer, Arcanists and Thaumaturge. The conjurer can call on the elements of nature through a meditation on the essence of creation. She focuses that ether into the desired spell, and they can serve with offensive or defensive spells. Next, you have the Thaumaturge, which is a force of terror in the Final Fantasy 14 game. They can call forth and command latent ether through deep introspection. They are an excellent tool for the battlefield. Finally, you have Arcanists, which serve as a symbol of power. They produce insanely powerful spells that pull from the power of gemstones. You can buy an FF 14 time card at the online game store.