In this ancient belief system, numbers have an inherent meaning, and according to a person’s desires, numbers can bring them good or bad luck. This luck, or the aura of a certain number, can easily transmit into a person’s home. Much of this numerical superstition is derived from the Chinese word for a particular number. For example, in some Chinese dialects, the number four is the same exact word used for death. Thus, this number is widely considered as being particularly unlucky.

In Chinese numerology, every single-digit number has a meaning, and these meanings can relate to the feeling one derives in their home. So, it is important to understand the meaning of each number to fully understand the relationship between house numbers and Feng Shui. The following meanings will help you understand this relationship:

1 – Progress and New Beginnings: This number is perfect for newlyweds, someone who is getting their first house, or someone who is ready to begin their life anew with a blank slate.

2 – Cooperation and Balance: This number is also ideal for couples that are moving in together or new marriages. The number can also be good for large families as it signifies cooperation and working together.

3 – Expression and Creativity: Residing in a house with a number three is perfect for those wishing to expand their social circle or develop their creative side. Anyone who paints, writes, or performs any other creative arts should choose a house with this number.

4 – Security and Stability: It may be negatively associated with death, but a house number of four is ideal for healing emotional wounds or grounding an individual.

5 – Adventure and Change: Anyone who lives in a house where the numbers add up to five should be prepared for a life of excitement and adventure.

6- Patience and Calmness: This number helps restore balance and provides a family with positive energy, which is a good match for anyone looking to start a family.

7 – Meditation and Solitude: A house with a number seven can help people focus their thoughts and escape the stresses of daily life.

8 – Infinity: This is the most coveted and auspicious house number as it represents financial abundance. In China, the number 88 actually means “double happiness.”

9 – Compassion, Completion, and Wisdom: A house with this number will fill its residents with a sense of humanitarianism and generosity.

Most homes have multiple numbers, such as 362, so to figure out your home’s number, you simply add all of the numbers up until you arrive at a single number. For instance, if your address is 11160 Cedar Run, your house number would be nine. If the numbers in the address of your home add up to a double-digit number, such as 13, then you would simply add the one and the three to come up with a house number of four.

Obviously, it may difficult to move into a home with the number you seek, but you can reverse the negative effect of some numbers by drawing a circle around them. If you are interested in learning more on this topic, head over to StarProperty Fengshui 4 FREE advice.


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