Turn Your Dry Skin Situation Around

If you’ve absolutely had it with dry skin, you’re not alone. Millions of people all over the world suffer from the frustration of overly dry and dehydrated skin. Although dry skin can be annoying and unsightly, it’s not an irreversible situation, however. Take control of your dry skin by following these simple and smart tips. These tips can help turn dry skin into moist, glowing, healthy and absolutely beautiful skin. What could be better than that, anyway?


Use a Good Body Lotion

Body lotions are great for sealing vital moisture into the skin. Despite that, they’re not as effective as body oils are at introducing moisture. Give your skin the intense hydration it deserves by first applying a body oil. Almond oil and coconut oil are both good options. Once your skin absorbs the oil well, put on a luxurious body lotion.




Purchase a Humidifier For Your Home

Although muggy conditions can feel unpleasant, they can do wonders for the moisture levels of your skin. This is why people who reside in humid climates often have healthy, gorgeous and hydrated complexions. If you’re not lucky enough to live in a humid area, however, the dryness of the winter months can be very taxing to your skin. You can protect yourself — and your skin’s moisture content — by getting a good humidifier for your residence. When the weather is cold, place the humidifier in the room where you sleep. Shut the doors, too. This is important because you don’t want the damp air to leave the room.




Forget About Soap

If you dream about moist and supple skin, forget about soap. Although soap often smells wonderful, it’s extremely drying. Instead of washing your body with soap, go for a mild moisturizing cleanser that has a creamy feel. Moisturising cleansers that consist of petrolatum or glycerin can make smart choices. Never wash your face with soap. Keep your face clean by using a cleansing product that’s specifically designed for people who have dry skin. There are many high-quality facial cleansers for dry skin available on the market, fortunately.




Protect Your Skin From the Sun

If you dread dry skin, keeping out of the sun can help you avoid it. Not only does sun damage lead to premature fine lines and wrinkles, but it also leads to dryness. If you want to keep your skin moist and fresh looking rather than dry and tired, wear clothing and accessories that conceal your skin from the sun. Long-sleeved shirts and wide-brimmed hats can be effective. Also be sure to apply a UV protection that’s at least SPF 30. Make sure to wear sunblock every day, no matter the weather.


Stay Away From Damp Socks and Gloves

If your socks get drenched during your afternoon walk with the dog, remove them immediately as soon as you walk into your door. Wearing damp socks or gloves can be highly irritating to the skin. They as a result can bring on an array of unpleasant dry skin concerns — think cracking and flaky rough patches. Damp socks and gloves can even sometimes cause eczema.



Drink a Lot of Water Every Day

Water is the answer to many of life’s questions. The moist skin question is definitely no exception. If you want to have hydrated, soft, supple and resilient skin, your water intake is absolutely crucial.


Keep At It

If you’re diligent about looking after your skin, a beautiful and perfectly moist complexion is definitely within your reach. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and dependable skincare routine is important if you’re a person who wants to maintain hydrated, resilient and glowing skin.