People sometimes describe a simple task as being, “as easy as riding a bike.” But riding a bicycle actually is more complicated than many people think. It’s certainly more complicated than it used to be, which makes it important for beginning cyclists to heed these tips.

Get properly fitted

You can go out to your local department or discount store and buy a bike off the rack, but you might find out too late that it’s too big or too small or there’s something else that doesn’t seem quite right about it. While you will spend a little extra money to buy a bike from a bike shop or a sporting goods store with a bike department, it can be worth it if you get professional help to find a bike that fits you the best and get a better cycling shoes.

Wear a helmet

Though helmets may not look cool and mess up your hair, they can be a lifesaver in even a minor crash. While there aren’t that many cycling deaths in a year, more than half are caused by head injuries, and most of those happen to people who aren’t wearing helmets. You should wear your helmet even on a short jaunt around the neighborhood, because even a low-speed fall can cause a serious head injury.

Safety Helmet

Ride at appropriate times

If you are a beginning cyclist, you should take care to only ride your bike at the right times. For example, you should avoid riding at night. You also want to try to stay off trails and bike paths when there is excessive traffic.


Pay attention

Being aware of what’s going on around you is important for any cyclist, even experienced ones, but it is vital to beginning cyclists. Among the things you always should do are to keep your head up as much as possible to watch your surroundings, don’t wear headphones or ear buds and never attempt to use a smart phone or other electronic device while riding.


Keep your bike in good working condition

Just as with any other mechanical device, a bike works best when it is taken care of. That means performing regular maintenance, such as inflating tyres as needed and getting tune-ups when needed. If you must get parts replaced, you likely can buy bicycle parts online cheaper, but you should have them installed by a professional bike mechanic.



There is a certain amount of risk involved with riding a bike, and that risk is magnified for a beginning cyclist. While you can’t eliminate the risk entirely, you can greatly reduce it by following these tips.