There are many disadvantages for a person who shops from online boutiques and other stores. For one when a person shops online they may not realize that the texture, fabric, and color does not look the same in person as it does on the picture online. A fabric or color can be more vibrant than anticipated or more dull. Sometimes lighting in the picture affects how the garment will look. A person cannot touch and feel the fabric to see how it will affect the skin. It may be too rough or itchy. It may not offer the right kind of stretch in certain areas or may not stretch at all. Another problem with online shopping is that a person can not tell what kind of quality the garment is compared to when shopping in person. In the store a person can inspect the garment to see if it will hold up and is worth the money.

Another problem includes how the piece of clothing looks on a person. Not everybody has the same body type and what looks good on the model may not always look good on the customer. At least in a physical store a person can actually try on the garment to see how it fits on their body type.

Online fashion shopping comes with incredibly high shipping fees that a person has to pay. Even with bargain shopping and discounts, shipping fees can end up costing more than the garment itself. Some stores even require the customer to spend at least $50 to $100 to even qualify to receive free shipping which in turn makes the customer spend more money than they were planning to. If they decide to return the garment they will not receive their shipping fees back.

A person that wants to online shop also has to be careful because not all websites and companies have a secure system to enter their credit card information into. Which in turn can allow a customers bank account to be compromised. When shopping online a person may enter their information to then receive an error message. The customer then does not know if their payment went through. If a person enters their information again they could be overcharged or charged twice. They then have to go through the process of contacting customer support either by phone or email. If it is done in the evening, during the night, or even on weekends the customer may not even get a response until the following business day.

If a person shops in an actual store they can buy an item right off the rack and have access to it immediately. When you online shop you have to wait several weeks before receiving your item. If a person bought a garment with the intent of using it for an event or party they have to hope that they receive their item on time and that there are no issues like it getting lost in the mail or that it fits properly. Occassionally a person will buy an item only to receive an email later saying the item is out of stock which can cause a problem if the customer is relying on that item. In the long run, it is just cheaper and safer to buy in person.