Though several things influence the cost of establishing an office for a business like Location, Furnishings, Décor, Employees, Essential items but the professional look of the office is also necessary to impress the clients and other visitors to it. The modern trend of serviced as well as virtual offices has helped greatly in attaining and maintaining offices affordably. These virtual or serviced offices not only provide you several facilities but also spare your energy and money to employ them for the development of your business. But while choosing between virtual office and serviced office one should be aware of their pros and cons because the concept of both the facilities should be clear in one’s mind before deciding for either of the two for financial as well as professional point of view.


Pros and cons of virtual office space

Normally virtual offices are not the real place of physical working of a business as they can be office with a receptionist or a call center that reciprocates the queries about our business. These offices serve as the face of your business whereas actual business activities are running at some other place. You can use office with receptionist as waiting or conference area as it has the facility of physical building which can be availed on daily or hourly basis which can reduce your cost of establishing the office as you have not to pay heavy rent for long term. This facility can enable to avail the space as and when needed with convenience of functionality at minimum cost.

Pros and cons of serviced office space

Serviced office space is managed and rented by a company which provides you the space for a specific period of time. Businesses can choose the serviced office to rent for short or long term as per their requirements ranging from three months to a number of years. The flexibility of lease agreements of the serviced office spaces has popularized them very much among the businesses of all sizes. The functional services provided by the company renting the serviced office space like receptionist, telephone facility, security guard etc., which can help in your business, can provide you peace of mind to some extent. Several other facilities can be provided to you on sharing basis, if the serviced office for rent is in an office building, like conference room, meeting room along with office machineries, with other tenants.


After going through pros and cons of both the types of rented office spaces you can well differentiate between the two as per you needs. The basic idea of availing serviced office or virtual office is to avail the space for reducing your cost of professionally maintaining it as furnishings, décor, machinery like computers, internet, telephones etc. are normally provided in serviced office space whereas you have to spend very little for virtual offices as they are normally maintained at other’s place. Moreover these renting facilities benefit your business by allowing you to shift to another place without bearing heavy rents for long term.