Holding a wedding is one of the most romantic even that one could ever attend, may that person be the one to get wed, or the planner, or even as just a guest. It is one of those milestones that depicts love in its purest form, with couples being joined together in holy matrimony.


There are several factors that make a wedding magical. One of it is the venue; the place where vows are exchanged, where people witness such exchange, and where the majority of the aesthetic designs are pouring into. This is the deal breaker.


Wedding Hall in Kuala Lumpur


There is no absolute standard as to where one should not get married. Of course, there a lot of options out there, and Kuala Lumpur is one of the places that should be considered for a wedding like no other. Being the capital of Malaysia, the city boasts development that can make a wedding worth reminiscing. In fact, here are some of the places that can be in the wedding musts:

Grand Hyatt

This is a venue for those couples who are in search for the lavish wedding hall. It boasts that grand ambiance, as implied by the name of the hotel itself. It has a magnificent ballroom and grand salon, completing the entire package. The chandelier alone in the main hall can make the couple feel that they are dancing in the halls described in Beauty and the Beast.

Mandarin Oriental

If the couple wants space, this specific wedding hall in kl can give them the space that they need. It boasts the biggest ballroom over all the wedding halls in Kuala Lumpur, from floor size up to the ceiling. Not to mention, it is located near KLCC so that it will be like reception and vacation rolled into one.

Empire Hotel Subang

This is the venue for those couples who are in search of modern style wedding hall in Kuala Lumpur. It has this theatrical ambiance coupled with that LED like projection. It is the wedding hall that capitalizes on the artistic installation of the lighting. At the same time, it fits that type of wedding that is less formal, more active. Youthful, in fact.

St. Giles the Garden

As the name implies, it is a wedding hall in kl that brings the wedding closer to the environment, even by just the artificial setup. The nature-like feel is brought by the green floor that stands out alongside the solemnity of the whole event.

The Saujana Hotel

What sets this apart from the other wedding hall in Kuala Lumpur listed is that it is an outdoor setup. It completes the ambiance through the canopy, floral arch, and ice sculptures. It is also situated near the swimming pool. It creates the feels of being a beach wedding of some sort. The outdoor setup creates a lighter wedding ambiance, with guests who can freely enjoy their cocktail.


At the end of the day, weddings are not just about the venue. It is about the ceremony that joined couples for a lifelong partnership. However, finding the right place can make the whole event more memorable, an event that will stick to the memories, not just for the couples, but for their families and the rest of the guests. It is an event to die for, and it is not wrong to let the entourage also feel that the whole event is unique, more than just because of the union, but because of the entire experience.