The tech industry in Malaysia offers plenty of lucrative career opportunities if you know where to look for them and how to hustle. Apart from having highly specialized IT skills such as Oracle, UNIX, JAVA, LINUX, or SQL, you’re more valuable in the eyes of Malaysian employers if you have these 10 basic IT skills:


  1. Customer service If you want to work in a tech company’s customer service department, it’s essential that you have skills in customer service. You need to know how to deal and manage customer inquiries, frustrations and complaints on a daily basis, be it online, in person or on the phone. It also helps if you have a good knowledge about the company’s products or services.


  1. Research Being able to obtain relevant info to help you make better decisions as well as examine and reduce the risks involved before finalizing your decision will tremendously make your life and career easier.


  1. Microsoft Windows Practically any business would use Microsoft Windows at some point. Basic Microsoft Windows computing skills include knowing how to organize your work, backing up files, using web browsers, performing graphic tasks and word processing, and using command menus, toolbars, and windows.


  1. Planning Time is money when it comes to running a business. Knowing how to plan, be it to complete a project or carry out a task, will help you manage time properly. Bad planning can lead to major losses, something no employer wants.


  1. 5. Project management Besides managing time, you must know how to manage projects. Being a good leader will help you achieve project goals successfully. Additionally, it’ll increase your chances of climbing up the ladder further.


  1. IT troubleshooting There will come a time when some computers dysfunction at your workplace requires you to solve a technical problem. A basic computer troubleshooting skills might save a lot of time and money.


  1. Problem solving A good problem-solving skill is a must-have in order to carry out your daily tasks accordingly and achieve your goals, besides being able to move forward with new projects. You need to be critical in your thinking and thoroughly analyze information that you’re presented with before solving any challenge.


  1. Writing The ability to write and convey your ideas or thoughts in written words to others such as your supervisor or colleagues will help anyone working with you understand what you’re trying to achieve or need from everyone. If you’re tasked with writing reports or technical writing, this skill will come in handy.


  1. Organisational skills Most jobs require you to multi-task, so knowing how to be organized is important in order to stay on top of multiple projects or tasks. Such skills will also prevent you from unnecessary blunders.


  1. Communication skills You won’t go far in your career if you can’t express yourself well, be it in written or spoken words. Whether you’re communicating with someone in person or on the phone or via email, it helps to be able to communicate well.


If you’re planning to take IT courses in Malaysia, you need to brush up the skills listed above as soon as you can in addition to specialized IT skills. Equipping yourself with the basic skills mentioned will increase your marketability among employers. They can be acquired during your studies, but if you’re a graduate who thinks you’re lacking in any of the skill, it’s never too late to improve.