If you have always dreamed of living in an exotic area filled with things to do, then you need not look further than the Bugis area. The Duo Residences is a new high-rise development, and it has already become the top-rated designer condo in Bugis. You can watch the gorgeous sunset from the rooftop pool of the condo. Other amenities available at this luxury high-rise include a children’s pool, sun deck, jacuzzi, patio gym, terraces, function room, sky garden and rooftop restaurant.


Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore is renowned as one of the most luxurious countries in the world. You can find excellent restaurants, fabulous shopping and beautiful parks nestled in the Bugis area. Many people have already begun to move to the area for retirement or work purposes. If you have the opportunity or choice to move to Bugis, you should not think twice. The area is brimming with successful people of all ages and looking to have a good time.


SingaporeGreat Nightlife

Young professionals will enjoy the great nightlife that the Bugis area has to offer. There are plenty of hip nightclubs and elegant bars to check out in this part of town. You will never be bored if you live here.


Booming Economy

The vibrant economy is one of the top reasons people make the move to Singapore. Whether you are an attorney, CEO or investment banker, you will find many ways to flourish here. There are incredible networking opportunities in Singapore, as many successful people decide to pursue their businesses in this attractive location. Some individuals also choose to prepare for retirement by moving to Singapore in their later years. Many business professionals choose to work out of the offices that are nestled above the coffee shops in the town. High-rise office space buildings also can be found in this area.

The economy in Bugis also depends on tourism. As such, numerous hotels are located in Bugis. You can find wonderful accommodations for business colleagues or guests that may be visiting you.


Posh Restaurants

Plenty of stylish restaurants can also be found here. If you enjoy Malaysian cuisine, you will be able to find a handful of top-rated restaurants of this type. Every restaurant has its own wonderful ambiance.



If you have the chance to move to Bugis, jump at it. Check out all that this beautiful city has to offer. You will not be disappointed.