When used to beautify home design, glass is a very desirable material but one that is unfortunately very breakable. Laminated glass provides the perfect solution for using in home design when the beauty and natural light offered by glass is highly desirable without the breakability that can make traditional glass quickly become a safety hazard.

Glass that is laminated is produced by bonding several layers of regular glass panes together with a layer of plastic in order to produce a pane of glass with increased structural integrity that helps it resist breaking. It is a much stronger product that typical glass and because of its increased durability, has become a very popular option in home design for everything from panoramic picture windows and storm doors to skylight roofing and glass curtain walls.

Another of the most popular benefits of laminated glass is that of security. This special category of glass can resist the pressure of many things thrown or applied against it, including hammers, bombs and fallen tree branches. Even if a would-be robber manages to smash a laminated window or door panel, the shattered fragments manage to stay bonded together rather than scattering all over and providing the thief with the opening into the building he desires. This type of glass can be constructed to be bullet-proof as well as bomb-proof, providing the ultimate in home security that still looks and functions like normal glass in home design applications. Further reading about Windows that Brighten the Dark Areas of Your Home

Glass that is laminated is also a superior design product that offers disaster protection. High winds, hurricanes and earthquakes can quickly shatter everything constructed of glass in a residential or commercial structure, causing dangerous shards to fly off in every direction as deadly projectiles. Because the shards stay bonded together when glass that is laminated becomes broken, anyone standing in the vacinity will not become an accident victim. Laminated panes of glass are also more fire-resistant than traditional glass, offering protection from nearby homes that may be on fire and giving residents of a home extra precious minutes to make an escape should a house fire break out by delaying the progress of the fire from one room to the next. You may grab some great ideas at This Website.

Security Door Tempered Glass vs Laminated Glass Demonstration