Are you looking to through the most spectacular cocktail party that your friends have ever seen? Well, look no further. We are going to help you through the cocktail party that guests will be remembering for years. Planning is your friend. Be sure to plan fun food, fun cocktails, fun games, and most importantly fun guests. We will help you step by step to make your plan for the party of the year.
Food First

As you plan your menu think of fun cocktail food that can be easily eaten in one or two bites. This allows your guest to mingle while drinking and eating. The more time the guests have to socialize and have fun the more memorable your party will be. In the food category, you may want to try two bite crostini with a variety of toppings, margarita lime cake squares, stuffed mushroom poppers, mini quiche, melon and prosciutto skewers, and Jell-O shots made with your favourite drink. Don’t forget the desert table that could have a yummy Guinness Stout cake surrounded by yummy deserts that include various drinks in the recipes. If your party is during a particular season make the food seasonal and colourful.
Now to the fun drinks

Include several drink stations that can be replenished throughout the night. These stations can be fancy or practical. You can even mix it up a little. You may want to start with drink station featuring Dirty Shirleys and have a photo of Shirley Temple. Another station could be decorated with a tropical flare and serve pink bikinis in coconut shells. You may even want to include a soda shop them and serve Root Beer with whipping cream and a cherry on top. You may also want to include Milo in the mix at the so shop drink station. The possibilities are endless for themed drink stations.
Game Time

When choosing games you should choose games that involve the introvert as well as the extrovert. Of course, the longer the party the easier it is for the introvert to jump in the games. Karaoke is always a fun activity, especially when there is alcohol involved. A great game to involve everyone is the celebrity couples game. You play this by pinning the name of a celebrity couple on the back of each guest as they arrive and as they mingle they ask questions that will help them determine who they are. Of course there are tons of drinking games to get your guest loosened up to have a great time.

Be sure to make every guest feel special and welcomed. Invite fun people and remember to include some that may be new to your group of friends. It’s always exciting when new faces are introduced at parties.