When running an e-commerce store, many business owners try everything they can to reach new potential customers. One way in which companies bring in new clients is by setting up a Facebook store. Of course, some feel that selling on social media is only for smaller companies (also see Should First Time Entrepreneurs Start With Social Commerce?). Here are four reasons why Facebook shops are beneficial for all size business.



Acceptable: In the past, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter were not taken seriously by most Internet users. Now, social media sites have gained in popularity to the point where almost everyone has a Facebook profile. Furthermore, with Facebook being a public company, most users have plenty of trust in the business. For this reason, one should have no qualms about setting up an online store in a tactful and intelligent manner.

Cell phones: In the past, most people accessed the Internet via a home computer or work computer. Now, a lot of people jump online with a tablet or smartphone. Usually, a user will want to access something quickly when using their cell phone. However, with applications, some people still go on their Facebook feeds to check out the latest news and information. This is powerful since plenty of people have no problem ordering from a Facebook shop. Remember, more people will use their smartphones to use the Internet and make big-ticket purchases.

Log on often: Now, most people log into Facebook multiple times a day. When doing this, people love to see what their friends are doing. When logging on often, users will also be exposed to plenty of advertisements and product offerings. When this happens, some visitors will opt to spend money as they will inevitably have some interest when they log in multiple times a day. Remember, it is difficult to get website traffic, but social commerce traffic is so abundant that one can bring in people to their Facebook shop with ease.



Combine: Ideally, one should combine their Facebook page with their Facebook store. When doing this, one can create a serious buzz about their product and see a sharp rise in sales. One must realize that a store and a page should go hand and hand. When doing this, one can create a serious following with little effort. Remember, with this step, one can interest followers and keep a customer hooked.

Without a doubt, a company, large or small, should consider setting up a Facebook e-commerce store. When a person opts to sell on Facebook, they will bring in plenty of customers who would have otherwise gone to a competitor. Have a look at Instapps.com Facebook store solutions.