Can a sumptuous healthy hawker dish make a person lose weight fast? Sure, and for you to experience a remarkable weight loss quite fast and easy, all you need to do is eat foods with fewer calories than your body usually burns. Of course, slow and steady may seem like a viable option, but who really has all the time to actually wait for years to lose weight? Lucky for you, Singapore has a variety of superb healthy hawker meals that will start you off easily, and at the same time make you lose weight super-fast than you can hardly imagine. Following is a handy guide every person should use every time to find some of the most superb healthy hawker dishes around Singapore–so that they can lose weight fast!

#1 Thunder Tea Rice

This dish is quite superb and tastes really yummy, too. Don’t be shy or get scared by the green soup, rather eat it separately or mix it together with rice to make it soupy. What’s more appealing about this particular diet is that it’s full of green leafy vegetables and fresh ingredients, which are highly packed with both fibre and antioxidants. They are also low in fat, making it quite a great dish every time you wish to lose weight fast.


#2 Fish Ball Noodle

To enjoy even a much healthier dish, make sure you choose the soup version of this dish all the time to ensure the noodles aren’t fried. The Bee Hoon noodles in particular make this dish quite a brilliant choice for weight-watchers because they have a low Glycaemic Index (Low GI), which makes people feel full for longer and hence allow them to lose weight fast than usual.


#3 Chicken Pho

Every time a clear broth will often contain less calorie content and fat than a creamy broth.  However, it’s also worth knowing, the same broth may have had a number of chickens cooked in it which more likely contained a high level of fat, too. To really cut down on fat effectively, always choose chicken over beef all the time. To further enrich the overall taste and flavour of this dish, use a variety of fresh herbs and chilli to spice up the taste of this sumptuous meal a bit. To enjoy this meal, drink the broth first and then eat the noodles last. Simple!


#4 Green Papaya Salad

Even though most part of this dish is mostly a salad, the huge amounts of carbohydrates come from the palm sugar in which papaya fruit stems from. But at the same time this same dish rather is quite low in fat and high in fibre, meaning it’s a healthier option than most cream-base and deep-fried meal altogether. Another great, viable healthy option or alternative you could choose other than the Green Papaya Salad dish is Tom Yum Soup. It has surprisingly remarkable healthy benefits in it, too.


#5 Yong Tau Foo

If you could personally ask a great number of Singaporean locals what’s their best and healthiest dish is–many would tell you Yong Tau Foo—a popular dish among many Singaporean locals. People love this dish in particular for it’s low in fat, calories and carbohydrates. And it’s highly packed with essential vitamins and minerals, which the body needs to stay healthy and also lose weight fast. All the same, when shopping for this particular dish, make sure you only choose the fresh vegetables–avoid the deep-fried options like the plague! Rather, have the vegetables boiled in clear soup to enjoy a super healthy meal.


In summary, if you’re really craving for a hot body or smashing figure, this guide outlines some of the superb healthy hawker meals around Singapore you need in order to lose weight fast. After you’ve tried these dishes, you’ll no doubt speed-up your weight-loss goals effectively and also fry potential body fat–within a few months! This is because when it comes to maintaining a lasting weight loss, great caution must be taken on every meal you choose to eat all the time. Consequently, use this guide every time you’re looking to lose weight in Singapore—these dishes will help you feel full longer, carb all cravings and, above all, help you lose weight quite fast!