Refinishing wood is one of the most popular ways of upgrading furniture and saving money. Instead of throwing out high quality pieces of selling the furniture online, they can simply be given a new modern look for a beautiful piece of furniture in the home. Whether staining bedroom furniture or painting kitchen cabinets, there are several important methods to ensure the final product looks professional.

Clean the Furniture
Many people assume that sanding wood furniture removes all dirt and grime that has built up on the item. However, this often distorts the finish underneath and can affect the end result. Scrub the item down with warm water and a sponge, while using a toothbrush to remove dirt that is stuck in any crevices.

Repaint Damaged Wood
Although staining works wonders on the appearance of wood, it will not always work to restore the wood’s quality. Opt for sanding and repainting to hide any blemishes, and choose a shade that works well with the rest of the home’s decor. Before painting, always use a primer to allow the paint to settle in and dry properly. Apply several coats of polyurethane to achieve a beautiful shine and finish.

Strip Before Sanding
For older furniture items, they often need to be stripped when having been repainted several times in prior years. A chemical-based stripper is crucial to properly loosen the dried paint before removing it with a putty knife.


Choose the Sandpaper Wisely
Instead of sanding the furniture with an old piece that you find in the bottom of a toolbox, choose specific types depending on the condition of the item. 120-grit sandpaper is needed on sealed or varnished wood, while liquid sandpaper works best on glossy items that are already painted. The sandpaper can also be used on painted furniture to give it a rustic, vintage appearance.

Proper Clean-Up
While in the middle of the project or after it is finished, place all used rags in an airtight container for proper disposal, which will prevent spontaneous combustion from occurring. They can also be laid outside to dry.

Wipe on the Finish
For faster application of the finish, use a soft cloth and keep the moisture fresh to prevent the finish from drying, which will affect how it is applied. Allow the finish to dry for one day before lightly sanding it and applying another coat.



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