Some parents might be wondering whether or not it’s possible to keep living an organic lifestyle after they had a baby. The answer is yes! This list contains five tips that could help in maintaining an organic lifestyle post-baby:

  1. Organic parenting – A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. Parents should follow their instincts and use natural senses when parenting, capitalizing on organic qualities such as love, support, confidence, authenticity, energy, friendliness, trust, responsibility, mindfulness, or proactivity. While parents don’t have to strive to be perfect (which is impossible to achieve), they do have to be the best version of parents to their
  2. Organic food for the family – Switching to totally organic foods may be challenging. Parents should consider to start small and to gradually substitute a common product for an organic version of it (or something healthier). Certified organic foods are often free of toxins that are normally found in conventional food. That’s why it’s advisable to cook organically and to choose organic vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy for the family. When cooking, the usage of microwave should be avoided, as it has the ability to damage the food’s properties. For the baby, there are plenty of organic baby foods sold at supermarkets and specialty organic stores.
  3. Organic products for toiletries and household items – For those who are going to live an organic lifestyle, every aspect of their lives has to be green, and this includes using organic products for toiletries and household items. Besides buying organic cleaning products or natural cosmetics, parents can also DIY their own household items and toiletries using ingredients like essential oils, dish soap, or vinegar. Additionally, the whole family would also have to wear clothes that are made using natural resources like organic cotton, including the
  4. Organic nursery for the little one – Not only do parents have to make sure their babies are fed with certified organic foods, wear organic clothing, and use organic baby products, the nursery needs to be organic as well. This means using natural furniture and paint made of China clay, tree resins, waxes, and plant oils as opposed to conventional paint which is made of toxic fumes. When it comes to baby toys, parents should stick to organic rubber or wooden ones.
  5. Organic living education to the children – As the children grow, parents should teach them organic living to pass the knowledge according to their level of comprehension. When they understand the concept and the importance of an organic lifestyle, children will continue implementing it in their lives, even after moving out of their parents’

Living an organic lifestyle even with a baby is not as difficult as one thinks. To make things simpler, nowadays there are many organic baby products online that can be ordered and delivered to one’s doorstep. Organic lifestyle may be more expensive. However, the benefits far outweigh the cost in the long run.