If you have a house for sale in Singapore, there are some important tips that you should seriously consider. These tips not only act as a guide, but also play a major role in determining whether you sell your home or not. There are five crucial and sure tips you can use to sell your home.


Exterior appeal

clean home exteriorBegin by standing outside and comparing your home to the rest in your area. If you feel slightly mortified after doing this, it is probably the same feeling your potential buyers will have. Answering the following questions will help you make steps in the right direction:

  1. Do the weeds say that I am a lazy person who probably has failed to maintain the rest of the property or I embrace all forms of nature?
  2. Is there an embarrassingly overgrown shrub that prevents people from seeing my house number?
  3. Is there a place the children toys can be stored?
  4. Are the paving slabs uneven?
  5. Do the window frames need fresh paint?
  6. Have the gutters ever been cleaned?



Those pretty photos of your spouse, nephew, kids, friends, pest and so forth that are present in certain rooms should be taken down. Contrary to popular belief, your buyers will not want to see the life you have made for yourself in the home. Instead, they would prefer to imagine the great life they could make in their potential new home.



clutterGet rid of any clutter in your home. This is the time to store, throw out or give to charity the bits and pieces you have accumulated over the years. Clutter is normally created by items that you hold on to, yet you really do not need. A good idea would be holding a sale to purge your home of all unnecessary ‘stuff’. Pay specific attention to:

  1. Posters on the walls of your children’s bedroom
  2. Potted plants
  3. Appliances and kitchen tools
  4. Knick-knacks and ornaments
  5. DVDs, CDs and Books


minimiaze clutter infographic

three easy steps to minimize clutter 


Spring clean

spring clean
Clean as though it is a matter of life and death. Serious, thorough attention to details is a requirement her:

  1. Scrub the oven clean
  2. Bleach tile grout
  3. Clean out and deodorise the refrigerator
  4. Polish mirrors and taps
  5. Get rid of cobwebs
  6. Vacuum like it’s the last thing left to do on earth
  7. Dust furniture and light fixtures
  8. Clean the windows and follow by polishing them for that extra shine
  9. Dusting the skirting board


Revamp, restore and repair


revamp restore repair

The sale of your home could be tampered by simply things that you may have stopped paying attention to. Try to look at your house from the buyer’s perspective. Think of the details that may dismay or impress you if you were the buyer. Take care of details such as:

  1. Replace curtains, bedspreads and cushion covers that have garish colours and patterns or are worn
  2. Eradicate odours, especially those from pets, mildew and cigarette smoke. Open windows to air out your house. Simply using a perfumed air freshener to mask bad smells will not work
  3. Get rid of your old wallpaper. Paint the walls afterwards. Painting over the wallpaper will not only make it hard to remove in future, but it will also look bad
  4. Get a new bathmat and shower curtain
  5. Fresh towels should be placed in the bathroom
  6. Touch up the paint. If the house needs a fresh coat of paint, repaint using neutral colours
  7. Any cracks in your walls should be repaired
  8. Fix drawers and doors that do not close or open properly
  9. Fix leaky taps and faulty plumbing
  10. Replace all broken lights
These are the best tips if you have a house for sale in Singapore. Last but not least, here’s the biggest home seller mistakes:


Biggest Home Seller Mistakes