You are probably a man who understands the importance of dressing well and smelling nice. Your daily ritual might include waking up, taking a shower, and shaving away yesterday’s stubble.

If you are really feeling adventurous, you might even use deodorant or a dab of manly cologne. But the thought of spending time caring for your skin may not fit so well inside your definition of what it means to be a macho guy. There is still a boyish side to your exterior that likes to get his hands and face dirty, putting your skin through the daily grind.

Unfortunately, the neglect you offer your skin today may come back to haunt you tomorrow. It really all depends on how long you want to continue looking youthful and sexy for the ladies. Fortunately, there are skin care tips for men you can start to use that will help keep your skin in shape for years to come.


Stop Touching Your Face

One of the most important techniques, concerning skin care for men, is to resist the urge to touch your face. When you are busy working, sweating, allowing dirt, grime, and oil to build up on your fingers, the last thing you want to do is touch your face. When you touch your face with dirty hands, you are transferring dirt and oil to your face, which can clog your pores. By resisting the temptation to constantly touch your face, you reduce the amount of cross contamination between your hands and face. This also helps to limit the spread of viruses like the flu as well.


Stop Using Dehydrating Bar Soap

If you are the type of guy who has a tendency to have oily skin, especially in the T-zone–the area across your forehead and around your nose and chin–then using bar soap that strips the oil away may be too harsh for your skin. Though it is true that you want to cleanse the skin, stripping the skin of too much oil may lead to other problems, such as dry flaky skin. It is better for you to use soap that is made from a mild glycerin to help clean the skin without making it too dry.


Exfoliating Your Skin

If you have a tendency to have oily skin, and get a lot of white and blackheads, then another important skin care tip for men is to exfoliate your skin. Oily skin is often associated with dead skin cells and dirty clogged pores. A quality exfoliating cream is useful for deep cleaning of the pores, helping to protect your skin from the scarring that can occur from infection and pimples that emerge from filthy clogged pores.



If your skin suffers from being too dry, it is important to apply a moisturizer to rehydrate your skin. Many commercial moisturizers can be obtained online, so that no one will notice you picking one up at the store. Keeping your skin properly moisturized will help keep it looking younger longer. These are just a few basic skin care tips that you can apply to help your skin maintain a healthy glow, even if you are the world’s most rugged macho man.