should-fifa-16-be-boycotted-for-pes-2016-following-the-fifa-scandal-update-fifa-16-474955FIFA is one of the most popular video game franchises in Southeast Asia. The football-themed sports video game was designed by Electronic Arts, and is currently available at Internet arcades in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, and other countries. Asian video game enthusiasts will certainly enjoy many of the unique features offered by the newest iteration of FIFA, including the improved gameplay, the ability to create your very own virtual soccer player, and the various career mode options.

With that said, gamers in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore are no doubt looking for strategies to improve their FIFA 2016 gaming experience. The following list of tips and tricks will help you become the best FIFA player in your local Internet café.
Focus on Skill Games to Learn Basics

The best way to boost your skills in FIFA 16 is to begin by playing the various skill games that are available in the Internet-based version of the game. Each skill game is built around a particular move or skill. Mastering a skill game, then, is an excellent way to integrate that skill into your FIFA repertoire.
Don’t Forget to Play the Friendlies

Once you have mastered FIFA’s skill games, experts suggest that you take advantage of the friendly games available in FIFA Trainer. FIFA 16 gives gamers the opportunity to play up to 3 friendly matches to further hone their skills before jumping into a season, franchise, or career with a particular team.

FIFA’s game designers recommend playing these friendly match-ups with the FIFA Trainer tutorial feature activated. This in-game training application helps the user identify which button combinations work best for a particular move or play. Depending on the user’s skill level, FIFA Trainer can be adjusted to provide the gamer with more advanced tips.
Learn to be Patient with Your Roster

According to the game developers at Electronic Arts, there are several gameplay features available in FIFA 2K16 that were not present in previous iterations of the game. For this reason, veteran FIFA players suggest that gamers who are new to FIFA 2016 should take time to figure out which attacking methods work best for their preferred team.

Veteran FIFA players argue that the best way to play FIFA 2K16 is to implement a ball-control offenstive attack. Instead of trying to play as aggressively as possible, the best FIFA players suggest that players who are new to the game should not hesitate to pass the ball around waiting for the best opportunity to score. FIFA-2016-1

Improve Your Passing with Special Buttons

Learning to pass between your players is the best way to maintain control of the ball. To improve your passing, find the keys on your keyboard that coordinate with the L1 and LB buttons. These buttons can help you pass between players, or kick the ball into a gap in your opponent’s defense.

Besides the L1 and LB buttons, FIFA’s trick stick works more effectively in 2016 than it did in 2015 or 2014.