Boarding schools in Malaysia are divided into two main types, namely public schools and private schools. In either settings, children or teenagers spend a large chunk of the year away from home, living with their classmates.


Attending a boarding school is an extremely interesting experience that really shapes how one turns out as an adult, especially since it encourages a higher level of independence. Many students who have left boarding school remember it with fondness. In Malaysia, there are several types of experiences that only those who’ve attended boarding school know, and here are some of them:


Feeling Homesick

If you’re an ex-boarding school student, you’ll remember how hard it was for you to leave your Mum and Dad. Over time this feeling somewhat eases out, but when the going gets tough, like during stressful exam seasons, the horrible feeling of missing home starts to bubble up in your tummy all over again.


Learning to Eat Whatever is Served

When you were home, your mother probably cooked your favourite dishes ever so often and took your requests into consideration. In boarding school however, the food is mass produced and you usually can’t be picky, or you’ll risk going hungry until the next meal.  Therefore, you learn to eat meals that are sometime unpalatable, because you’ll go to bed hungry otherwise.


Being A Freshman Is the Worst

No boarding school experience is complete without the first few months of orientation. You’ll be expected to do almost anything an upperclassman orders you to do, and a huge part of your after school period is spent in the various activities organized as part of the orientation, leaving little time for sleep or relaxation.


You Learn to Power Nap Anywhere

Talking about sleep, the tight and strict schedule that most boarding schools expect their students to keep allows only about 6 -7 hours of sleep per day. This means that you’ll probably develop the ability to power nap your way through classes, but of course not when the teacher is teaching.


You’ll Hear A Tonne of Ghost Stories

One of the favourite social activities when you and your friends get together is to trade supernatural stories involving the dorm. Some of these may be picked up from seniors, and most often, the lights are shut when the storytelling begins.


The Friends You Make Here are for Life

In boarding school, you’ll meet the people who will be your friends for decades to come. The loneliness and challenges you face in a strange mean that you and your friends depend heavily on one another for moral and mental support. These bonds don’t break easily and will carry on into the next chapter of your life.


Boarding schools in Malaysia can really be enriching experience, especially when it involves a critical time in your youth, when you’re busy discovering yourself and how to relate to those around you. It’s therefore a great education option for students and parents alike.